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Brunch and Spa in the Heart of Switzerland

Brunch and Spa in the Heart of Switzerland

Update: The reviewed hotel Park Weggis does not exist anymore under that name. It changed ownership and is now (2018) under renovation.

The heart of Switzerland is arguably Lake Lucerne, a mountain lake as clear and turquoise as you won't ever see again.

Some of the most luxurious hotels settled all around the lake and among those is the Park Weggis, a 5 star retreat and member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux guild.

Directly at the Lake with the Alps as a majestic backdrop, the park hotel is the perfect setting for a Sunday Brunch in combination with a visit of their award-winning Spa.

Sunday - 10:00 am

Let's start with a workout.

Japanese garden next to the workout room. The whole Spa is Asian-style.

Sunday - 11:13 am

Across from the main builidung lies the modern spa area with a serene pool. 

Sunday - 12:05 pm

Now, let's see what the chef prepared for us. Just a short walk under an open roof pathway to the main building.

Life is too short, to not have brunch with this view.

Someone immediately showed me to a free table, which was in the second row on an elevated porch. But still from that second row I could admire the fantastic view. The food didn't disappoint either. It was a buffet which was situated quite far away in a different hall, but the walk became a welcome opportunity to get some "exercise" while feasting.

Every dish was meticulously explained by the kitchen staff and usually put on your plate by the same. I am usually skeptical when it comes to buffets, but at the Park Weggis I experienced a good example of how a five start buffet should be presented and that it is also possible to offer food that remains fresh and juicy (e.g. due to cutting the filet from the rack just when you need it).


More dessert

The main course was that good, that I forgot to take photos :D 

Sunday - 2:10 pm

Anyway, after this nice dining experience, I feel like relaxing in the shade at the lake. There is no sandy beach, but a wonderful grass park on which elegant parasols and loungers wait for you. Service was unobtrusive, maybe a little too much so. I would have liked for someone to welcome me on arrival and guide me to a free spot, taking my order, without me asking.

The water was fresh and woke me up immediately, I like it a little warmer though. 

The palm trees suggest that we are South of the Alps, but the water temperature will tell you otherwise...

Sunday - 4:00 pm

It was time for my massage, which was included in my Sunday Brunch and Spa package. So, back to the Spa building through an underground tunnel from the "beach". The massage was done very well with regard to my specific back problems.

I let the day end by - and in - the pool.

Hotel Park Weggis
Brand Relais & Chateaux
  • Location at one of the most beautiful lakes on our planet
  • Brunch is fantastic
  • Spa area is new and tasteful and has lake access
  • Prices are on the upside, but normal for R&C in Switzerland
  • Water in the lake is relatively cold, even in summer
CT Points 95

Sunday - 6:00 pm

Time to leave - not without marking the Park Weggis on my map for a future stay.

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