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Taverne zum Schäfli - Fine Dining Switzerland

Taverne zum Schäfli - Fine Dining Switzerland

In this next installment of my Fine Dining series, I am visiting a two-star-taverna somewhere between Zurich and the German border near Constance in Wigoltingen: Zum Schäfli with chef de cuisine Christian Kuchler.



When entering, the two stars greet you with a magnum bottle of Krug

The seating area (I forgot to take a photo of that unfortunately) was kept like a traditional Swiss or German inn, very cosy. 

The Menu

I didn't take the wine journey this time (left side), it looks interesting though

Wine menu left not much to be desired

Roderer Cristal Rose anyone?


I had a glass of Delamotte Blanc de Blancs Brut as an aperitive



1st Course - Prologue

Nice composition

2nd Course - Duck liver

This bread was still warm and fantastic in taste

Delicious liver with peach sorbet

3rd Course - White Alba truffle

Do you see the truffle?


Caipirinha - interpreted as a fresh interlude dish

4th Course - Dry Aged Entrecote

The meat was cooked to perfection...

... there was one flaw though: a rather big vein went through it - I know it's natural, but I still didn't expect it here.

Cheese - Vacherin Mont D'or

This was a first for me: Apparently this Vacherin cheese is eaten cold - although it looked melted-warm.

This was the weakest dish. I didn't like this cold cheese and it was way too much. The fruit bread was great though.

5th Course - Dessert: Cassis

At this point I was full, but there is always room for one or two delights



Restaurant Taverne zum Schäfli
Brand independent
Chef Christian Kuchler
Michelin Two Stars
Gault&Millau 18/20 / 3 Hats
Verdict I have to admit that I expected a little more - to me it was rather a one star experience, which is still great, of course. But there was no common theme in the dishes and there were some (very) minor flaws at times. Service was flawless, though.
CT Points 92
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