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Dubai in Summer

Dubai in Summer

How bad is it really? How hot? How empty are the streets? How much money can I save for staying off-season?

Dubai in summer - have you been playing with this idea?

I am trying to give some guidance on that topic in this post while recommending a few nice hotels in the city of man-made wonders.

I won’t bore you with all the climate facts, just remember these two points:

  • Summer in Dubai is from end of April to beginning of October

  • It is the off-season because temperatures during the day average around 100 °F (38 °C) and reach 115 °F (46 °C) regularly.

Other than in tropical countries, the UAE have a dry desert air, which makes the heat experience more bearable (at least for me). 

Start in the desert - Al Maha Resort

Before the development of the futuristic metropolis of Dubai, there was an oasis in the desert. And so it’s only logical to start your trip in a desert conservation reserve where you’ll learn about the flora and fauna and the humble beginnings of a millennia old culture. Of course you’ll do all this in a not-so-humble abode: your very own Bedouin tent villa with private outdoor pool and unobstructed desert view under a starry sky.

What’s different in summer? 

  • you won’t be sitting outside for lunch and most probably also dinner

  • desert activities are done in an air-conditioned Jeep or a camel ride into the sunset, which is fine heat-wise

  • price difference to winter:  January 2020 = 1700 USD per night vs. July 2019 = 800-1000 USD per night (for two adults, excl. taxes)

Full review here

Hotel Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa
Brand Luxury Collection from Marriott
  • Location in the Al Maha Desert Reservation, a serene oasis only one hour from bustling Dubai
  • Service was wonderful
  • Huge comfortable "tent" with secluded private pool
  • Fun desert activities, especially for "desert newbies"
  • Quite expensive
  • ...especially the food
CT Points 96

A Palace in the City - Palace Downtown Dubai

From the desert you should book a ride into the center of it all next to the tallest building in the world and the new city center. Palace Downtown Dubai is really a wonderful example of Arabian hospitality and luxury. 

What’s different in summer?

  • sitting outside: for breakfast with view of Khalifa: yes. For lunch: at the pool under a cabana: yes. For dinner: yes

  • price difference to winter: January 2020 = 540 USD per night vs. July 2019 = 230 USD per night (for two adults, excl. taxes)

Full review here

Hotel Palace Downtown Dubai
Brand The Address Hotels and U by Emaar
  • Service was friendly, warm and pretty flawless
  • Arabian antique design convincingly implemented throughout the hotel and very fitting to Dubai
  • Our suite was huge and interior of high quality
  • Location is very central in downtown Dubai near the Burj al Khalifa, the opera and the Dubai Mall
  • Great food at breakfast, at the pool and the Thai restaurant
  • A minor (temporary) point: construction sites in downtown Dubai still slightly affect the surroundings of the hotel
  • The view from the room is not that impressive if no fountain view
CT Points 96

Finally reaching the Beach - Madinat Jumeirah

A few taxi minutes from the center you finally reach the sea and with it miles of clean sandy beach. One of the best ones belongs to the Madinat Jumeirah, a huge hotel complex modelled after an ancient Arabian town complete with bazaar (the souk), wind catchers and water canals.

What’s different in summer?

  • water of the ocean wouldn’t give you a refreshing feeling at about 93° F (34° C). Pool temperature was better at 86° F (29° C).

  • awesome: it’s basically empty, especially on the beaches. You’ll be one of the few while service quality is still intact, so it’s pretty nice. 

  • price difference to winter: January 2020 = 370 - 440 USD per night vs. July 2019 = 220 USD per night (for two adults, excl. taxes)

Full review here

Hotel Jumeirah Mina A'Salam
Brand Jumeirah
  • Very nice beaches, many pools to visit
  • Fantastic service and staff
  • I loved the old and understated Arabian style that was consequently applied throughout the whole complex
  • Not many people (off season)
  • Food overall very good
  • Everything is priced on the high end
  • Needs more casual dining places
CT Points 95

On a Layover? Stay near the Creek - Park Hyatt Dubai

If you happen to have a longer layover, I definitely recommend the Park Hyatt for a relaxed stay far away from the hustle and bustle. Situated by the Dubai Creek amidst a golf course and with a low-key layout and design they create the typical understated Park Hyatt luxury feeling.

Due to its closeness to DXB airport it's ideal for an overnight stay when changing flights. Something that we like to do on the return flights from a longer vacation with Emirates. And for this purpose the Park Hyatt is also the best among the hotels near the airport, e.g. compared to the Le Meridien.

They newly opened the Lagoon in 2019, which seems to add another nice way to relax with an artificial beach. Additionally, the prices seem to have gone down since I have been there last in 2017. It’s great value for money now - while keeping in mind that the location is not ideal for discovering Dubai’s city or beaches.

What’s different in summer?

  • You are gonna sweat sitting outside having a shisha in the middle of the night, but to me it was still fine (again due to the dry heat)

  • price difference to winter: January 2020 = 220 - 260 USD per night vs. July 2019 = 140 USD per night (for two adults, excl. taxes)

Full review here

Hotel Park Hyatt Dubai
Brand Park Hyatt
  • Beautiful compound with signature understated Park Hyatt luxury design
  • Quiet location surrounded by a golf course and the Dubai Creek, and yet close to DXB
  • Nice balcony or terrace rooms
  • Pool and spa of high quality with relaxed atmosphere
  • Restaurants and bars with good food and service, makes you want to stay longer
  • Yacht club lifestyle feeling (if you like that)
  • Black stains in the shower - quality control needs to be more thorough
  • Buffet breakfast didn't feel luxurious - slow service, too loud, too many people
  • Service at the pool could have been more attentive
  • Location not ideal if visiting Dubai itself
CT Points 92


Personally, I don’t mind the very hot, but dry, heat that much - at least for some time. What I don't like is that all the outdoor seating areas of the restaurants and cafes throughout Dubai are closed. In one restaurant in the Dubai marina they solved the problem with movable AC units (:D alright alright, not the most energy efficient thing). You can of course spend your time in the huge malls with good air conditioning, which honestly you would also do in winter, since there are basically no outdoor shopping areas (that I am aware of).

What I do like in the off-season is the emptiness of hotels and beaches. I like the feeling of exclusivity. You have to consider, though, that certain venues would either be closed or have not much to offer while on summer-break. I’m fine with that, but your mileage may vary, as they say.

And of course, as you could see above, you’ll be saving a quite substantial amount of cash. I admit that even I wouldn't want to stay three weeks in this heat, but if you like it quiet and empty while indulging in luxury for a few days - go for it.

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