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Sofitel Legend The Grand - Amsterdam

Sofitel Legend The Grand - Amsterdam

I recently discovered an interesting Sub-Brand of Sofitel, a hotel chain belonging to the Accor conglomerate that I usually don’t pay attention to. With the Legends hotels they got me listening: promising to keep the history of their place, which is usually in a location where actual history took place. And that in utter luxury? My favourite combination!

And now what if this location is Amsterdam? This unique and amazing European city already offers so much culture (Rijksmuseum with Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh anyone?), historical Northern architecture (Dutch Renaissance, Grachten), and the most liberal society on the continent (you know exactly what I mean).



The Grand is located inside a history-laden building close to the center of Amsterdam. According to their website, it went from a 15th-century convent to royal lodgings to Dutch Admiralty headquarters to the City Hall of Amsterdam - quite impressive.

When entering the main entrance courtyard you immediately get the unique “Amsterdam” ambiance and are a little bit surprised when encountering the lobby furnished with French elegance and grandeur.

Valet parking and reception welcomed us with open arms and we were swiftly taken to our room after check-in.


We stayed in a Classic Room, which is the lowest category. It was spacious enough, considering Amsterdam house sizes in general, and interiors were of a high standard.

View of the canal and old houses was nice, but unfortunately the window didn’t isolate from outside noises. This meant hearing drunk tourist groups going home during the night in a very loud manner and this actually kept us from sleeping. We did change the room due to this to a higher floor with courtyard view. Much quieter! You might want to consider this when booking.

Bathroom seemed newly renovated and boasted Hermès amenities. Overall a nice and cosy room. Nespresso machine and TV turning into Van Gogh picture topped it off.


We did not use the spa on this stay. The pictures on the website look promising, though.


Of all the dining options at the Grand, we “only” had breakfast. It was definitely a treat. We were seated by the Chef de Service, who was an eccentric Italian who we won’t forget. Always a gentleman of course. Offerings were plenty and delicious while the view of the canal made you excited to go out and explore the city.

The Michelin-starred Bridges must be worth a try, too. Next time!

Oh, and we also had a drink at the Flying Dutchman with the friendly bar man and a relaxed atmosphere.


Hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam
Brand Sofitel/Accor
  • Amazing service level
  • Great breakfast with an unforgettable Chef de Service
  • Fine room interiors
  • Location perfect for seeing Amsterdam
  • Rooms with windows to the canals can be very noisy during the night (historic windows are not allowed to be upgraded)
CT Points 96

Despite our needed room change due to the noise problem, I would easily stay here again when in Amsterdam. At this location and with this wonderful service it really makes this city stay perfect. I might try the several SLH options next time I am there, but only to compare it to the Grand as a benchmark for Amsterdam.

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Fine Dining at Lake Constance - Ophelia

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